Choose A Beach Band That Can Play These Genres

Live music can be an asset to all sorts of gatherings, particularly those that take place outdoors. If you have a beach event coming up, you may like the idea of having a small group of professional musicians providing a soundtrack to the gathering. When you look online to find a group to hire, you'll be happy to learn that many specific beach bands exist. These performers can be a perfect addition to virtually any happy beach gathering. As you browse your options, look for a band that is capable of playing multiple genres of music. These genres, in particular, can be ideal on a beach. 


Perhaps no genre of music can feel like a better fit on the beach than reggae. This genre has many recognizable songs from global icons, so there's a good chance that the majority of your guests will know many of the tunes that your hired beach band performs. Many reggae songs have an upbeat, cheerful nature to them, which can add a positive vibe to your gathering. Whether people get up and dance to these songs or simply enjoy hearing them in the background, there's little doubt that some live reggae can elevate the fun of your event.


Although some people mistake calypso music and reggae music for the same thing, they are actually different genres that come from different countries. There are, however, some similarities between these types of music. Like reggae, calypso music tends to have an upbeat feel that can work well in a beach setting. A beach band that is comfortable playing this genre of music can weave a number of catchy calypso tunes into the playlist. Even if most of them are new to your guests, they'll enjoy getting up and moving to the beat.


It's also ideal if your beach band has some experience performing jazz music. This is often the case for this type of band, and jazz can be a good idea at lots of gatherings. At the very least, you can have the band play some gentle jazz tunes in the background at various times during your event—for example, during the meal. Reggae and calypso might be a bit too upbeat to have during the meal, but some gentle jazz can be a perfect fit.

Contact a local beach band to learn more about the music genres they are familiar with playing.