Tips For Keeping Your Piano In Tune

If you are the owner of a piano, you might not be able to pay for someone to come out every few months to tune your piano. However, it might be exceedingly annoying to anyone playing on your piano that it is not in tune. Here are some tips for keeping your piano in tune so that you do not have to pay for a piano tuner as often.

1. Control the Atmosphere of the Room

Your first step is to thoroughly control the atmosphere of the room where the piano is located. Pianos are very sensitive to changes in both pressure and humidity. When a wooden piano is exposed to high temperatures and high humidity, the wood is going to swell, causing the piano to go out of tune. You can avoid this phenomena from occurring by simply making sure that you keep the room that the piano is in cool and dry. Adding a window air conditioner and a dehumidifier can go a long way in protecting your piano against going out of tune during the summer.

During the winter, the opposite is true. You will likely keep the temperature inside the room comfortably warm, but the heater is going to produce more dry air. The dry air has the potential to cause the wood to contract and again cause your piano to go out of tune. You will then need to properly use a humidifier to monitor the humidity levels of the room.

Your best option is to figure out what level of humidity is best for the piano by talking to the piano manufacturer and then doing everything in your power to keep it at that level all year.

2. Keep the Piano Out of Sunlight

Sunlight has the effect of increasing the temperature of anything that it shines on, despite the fanciest air conditioning units. If you want your piano to stay in tune and not be faded by the sunlight, you will need to make sure that you are able to keep your piano out of direct sunlight. Even just installing heavier drapes will allow you to temporarily protect your piano from the sun while you find a better place to move it.

3. Play it Regularly

If you don't play your piano regularly, it will not have had its moving parts actually moved and might be much more out of tune due to this fact. By simply opening up the piano and playing scales that hit all of the notes, you will be able to protect against this potential problem.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in piano tuning or click here for more information.