Why You Should Choose Violin Lessons For Your Child

If you're considering music lessons for your child, you may want to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on a course of action. After all, music lessons can be a big investment. But in many cases, music lessons such as violin lessons are worth the added expense.

Here are four reasons why you should choose violin lessons for your child.

1. Violin lessons are accessible even to young children

Some parents start their children in piano lessons at a young age. But unlike pianos, violins are readily available in a size that best suits young children. For example, your child may need a 1/4 size violin at age six and a 1/2 size violin at age eight.

2. Violin lessons can teach fine motor skills

To play the right notes on a violin, you have to place your left-hand fingers in exactly the right spots on the violin strings. This requires extremely good motor skills, and practicing to get the right notes can help your child give their fine motor skills a workout. So, regular violin practice means that your child's fine motor skills are getting regular exercise.

3. Violin lessons can open the door to enriching experiences

Children who take violin lessons from a young age can often end up in school programs such as the school orchestra, and may even go on to play in a local community youth orchestra. These curricular and extracurricular experiences can help your child find like-minded peers and give them many opportunities to make friends. In addition, violin lessons could help your child discover a love of music, and could even enable them to pursue a career in a field such as music education, music production, or music therapy.

4. Violin lessons can help your child excel in academics

Even if your child isn't fated to use music in their career later in life, music lessons can be a way to help their brains develop so that they can more easily get good grades in school. This could potentially give them an edge in academic pursuits by allowing them to improve their cognitive and academic abilities.

As you can see, violin lesson benefits aren't limited to cute photo opportunities when your child plays an adorable tiny violin at their elementary school's talent show. The violin lessons your child takes can benefit their life both now and in the future, not only by bringing music into their life but also by helping them develop into a coordinated, well-educated, well-socialized human being.