Four Places To Get Free Hip Hop Music Online

If you're looking for music streaming or downloads, having to pay a fee per song is quite a drag (especially if you have to pay each time you listen to the song). Hip hop music can get your spirits up, but only if you can find an easy source for streaming or downloading that doesn't require you to pay royalties. Here are four sites that offer free hip-hop streaming. 1. Spotify Read More 

Raising Special Needs Children: 3 Parenting Challenges That Music Lessons Help Overcome

Whether your child is gifted and talented or has been diagnosed with ADHD, it is common to hit a few roadblocks as a parent. Children with special needs often struggle with issues such as low self-esteem and poor academic performance that can impact their ability to enjoy a normal childhood. Fortunately, kids music lessons provide a positive outlet for your child to develop new skills that help them both personally and academically. Read More 

Make Sure You Protect Your Singing Voice With These Strategies

If you're serious about learning how to sing, finding a teacher in your community can take you from singing into the shower to singing on stage. Commitment to singing lessons will provide you with the right techniques for projecting your voice, reaching the right notes and holding a tune. If you find that you're singing regularly, you'll need to be careful about straining your voice. Too much singing can put pressure on your vocal chords and require you to take a break until you regain your voice. Read More 

Tips For Keeping Your Piano In Tune

If you are the owner of a piano, you might not be able to pay for someone to come out every few months to tune your piano. However, it might be exceedingly annoying to anyone playing on your piano that it is not in tune. Here are some tips for keeping your piano in tune so that you do not have to pay for a piano tuner as often. 1. Control the Atmosphere of the Room Read More