Close Your Eyes And Attempt These Things As You Practice Your Guitar

One of the impressive things that you'll notice when you watch an accomplished guitar player on stage is how he or she may only infrequently look at the instrument. A professional player may play long stretches of songs without ever looking down, which is something that can be difficult to fathom when you're a novice. The longer you take acoustic guitar lessons, the easier you'll find it to play without always looking at your fretboard or your strumming hand. Read More 

How To Take Your Marching Band To Another Level

Marching bands are about much more than just putting a group of people together to create music. The overall vibe that your marching band has can affect the outcome of the games that they play at and determine if the band is going to win awards and receive the kinds of accolades that can make it all worthwhile. As the leader of the band, it's your task to constantly push the envelope and get your group to improve on a consistent basis. Read More 

Want to Make Music? Why You Should Purchase the Beats

If music is your passion, then you would give anything to create your own songs. The only problem is that you might not play any instruments and don't really know how to operate technological simulation devices that can create the tunes themselves. Instead of fretting over the issue read further to see why you should go out and buy your beats. It's Never Been Easier to Purchase Beats There used to be a time when you would need to be in close relationship with a musician or producer if you wanted to get a musical track. Read More 

The Importance Of Having Your Piano Tuned

If you have a piano that you would like to play often or at least have it ready for whenever someone wants to go ahead and play it, you will need to keep it tuned. The more you learn about why piano tuning is so important, the more likely it is that you are going to be ready to keep up with this task. Here are some of the reasons why this is such an important thing to do: Read More 

A Corporate Concert Event Can Resurrect Your Company’s Dead Morale

Running a business isn't just about making ends meet and providing high-quality benefits for your employees. It also requires creating positive morale that makes people want to work for you. If your workplace morale stinks and needs some help getting better, a corporate concert can help. Low Morale Start Hurts The Employees There are many reasons that a business may suffer from low morale. For example, a manager may be harsh on employees and cause them to resent their authority. Read More