Getting A Good Motown Mix

Motown is known as a clean and soulful genre. With its smooth arrangements and rhythms, Motown became a large hit in the 1960s. Black musicians have always had an influence on the music scene. With genres like jazz and Motown, black musicians were adding individuality and expression into music, and producers of the era perfected their techniques and created hit after hit. A new texture in music rose in popularity and has affected modern popular music even now. Read More 

Why You Should Choose Violin Lessons For Your Child

If you're considering music lessons for your child, you may want to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on a course of action. After all, music lessons can be a big investment. But in many cases, music lessons such as violin lessons are worth the added expense. Here are four reasons why you should choose violin lessons for your child. 1. Violin lessons are accessible even to young children Read More 

5 Questions About Piano Tuning Answered

Pianos have massive amounts of string tension. Their construction is such that they acclimate to whatever string tension is present in order to be stable. This is what makes them both a solid piece of furniture and a musical instrument.  However, the tuning of every stringed instrument, including pianos, slips and becomes flat over time. Occasional re-tuning by a professional technician are part of the cost of owning a piano. Read More 

Why You Should Hire A Country Music Songwriter To Help Write Songs For Your Talented Teen

If you have a teenage child who is musically talented in some way — such as if they are a singer, a guitarist, or both — then it might be worth it to work with a clean country music songwriter, particularly if it's country music that they have an interest in. It's worth it to work with one of these professionals for these reasons and more. Costs Might Not Be as High as You Think Read More 

3 Basics You’ll Learn When You Start Guitar Lessons

When you start taking guitar lessons for the first time, you may wonder what to expect, particularly if you've never played an instrument before. Here are some of the basics you'll typically learn once you have an instrument in hand and arrive at your first lesson. 1. Hand Position Technique Correct technique is one of the most important aspects of playing any instrument. However, even if you've played other instruments before, you'll still have to learn guitar technique. Read More