4 Ways That Music Makes Your Life Better

If you're like most people, you've got more stress in your life than you had a year ago at this time. Perhaps you've had to put a long-anticipated vacation on hold, or maybe juggling employment and family obligations is beginning to take a toll on your nerves — and it's starting to affect your mood. You probably also know that listening to your favorite music is a good way to give a bad mood a bit of a boost, but you may not know the extent that incorporating music into your everyday routine can enhance your overall quality of life. Read More 

3 Buying Tips for Buying Your Child’s First Piano

Piano lessons can be wonderful for children. Learning to play the piano as a first instrument can open their eyes to a whole world of music, making it easier to play other instruments later on. After a year or two of lessons, your child's teacher will likely recommend that you buy them their own piano. This can seem like a tough task if you are not familiar with buying musical instruments. Read More 

3 Key Tips When Hiring A Music Composer For A Television Show

If you're trying to get a TV show produced, an important aspect of it is the music. It will give your show a distinct personality from an auditory standpoint. For this, you'll need to hire a TV music composer. Your selection will work out if you take advantage of these hiring tips.   Sample Some Work The only true way of determining if a music composer is a good fit for your television show or not is by sampling some of their music. Read More